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The WebDAV plugin for NetDrive for OS/2 is a DAV client and can connect to Apache mod_dav, Novell NetStorage and Microsoft Windows XP WebFolders.

With the plugin you'll be able to access DAV resources as regular directories on NetDrive virtual volume.

The plugin is based on neon library developed by Joe Orton.

The plugin is opensourced and free for use with a registered/trial version of NetDrive for OS/2 (see NetDrive for OS/2 license agreement).

NetDrive 3.x is required.

Source code

The plugin is based on the neon library and also includes OpenSSL and EXPAT libraries. The neon library is released under the LGPL license NetDrive related source code comes with MIT license.

To get plugin sources, please see the CVS page.


To compile the code you need OpenWatcom 1.3 compiler and OS/2 Developers Toolkit 4.52.

Do a nmake from plugin directory and everything should be built. Plugin files will be placed to bin subdirectory.

nmake clean will delete all generated files (*.obj, etc)

Using the plugin

This plugin is not yet complete and requires some more features to be in production quality but I hope that it will be useful for some people.

Also I hope that the plugin will be a help for developers who would like to create a custom NetDrive plugin.

All basic features has been implemented.

The plugin supports password authentication and works with SSL.

To enable SSL you have to use 'https' in URL in resource properties: https://servername/directory

Please be aware that write may not work well. Writing files works only with Apache 2.0 and mod_dav.

Do NOT write files on WebFolders or Novell NetStorage! This will destroy file content!

Please be careful and do not access important files with the plugin.

For developers and users willing to help

Here is a short list of missing features. You are encouraged to implement them.
  • local file cache for better performance
  • http proxy support.
    neon already supports proxies so the plugin just have to use this functionality.
  • implement write for servers that do not support PUT with Content-Range.
    This has to be done by caching file locally and uploading entire file when file is closed. AFAIK only Apache + mod_dav supports Content-Range for PUT.
  • write help, documentation


NOTE: OS/2 version of mod_dav has a bug and will DESTROY content of a file when PUT with Content_Range is processed. Fix for this is very simple, - remove a couple of lines from Apache Portable Runtime OS/2 source code, - but it does not look like Apache developers really care about OS/2 platform. See


Please see Links page for links to mentioned projects

Thanks to Adrian for making NetLabs project for WebDAV plugin.

Best regards,
Vitali Pelenyov.

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